Helping Academies & Coaches improve their Athlete’s Sports Performance

Our Unique Assessment Based Sports Specific Fitness Training program and an ecosystem of supporting functions help your athletes improve their performance in competition and practice alike.


Fitness routine

Your Athletes get Fitness routine based on sport they play

Musculoskeletal Assessment

Musculoskeletal Assessment to keep track on the fitness growth

You can monitor physical and mental fitness improvement using our web application


Athletes have access to nutritionist & sports psychologists through Xdrona


No need to hire anyone

Academy Partnership Model

An extra source of income though our “Academy Partnership Model”

Xdrona for sports coach

Academy Partnership Model

Xdrona Benefits

You get a commission out of every transaction your athlete does with us

Xdrona Benefits

We provide you with new player references

Xdrona Benefits

With Xdrona you present yourself as academy which offers all the services

Benefit of our Application

Application Benefits

Use our free web application to manage your academy

Application Benefits

Access to Athlete’s data specific to Nutrition, injury and Mental well being

Application Benefits

Musculoskeletal Assessment Results on the application

Application Benefits

Analytics about Athlete’s sports performance

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