What is Assessment

An important aspect is your musculoskeletal fitness, which consists of 3 components: muscular strength, Muscular endurance and Muscular flexibility. Fitness of these components with respect to our skeletal system make up our Musculoskeletal Fitness.

To test these parameters for their readiness and proper functionality we do MSA or Musculoskeletal fitness Assessment.

About the Tests

Internationally recognized
Fitness Test

Xdrona Assessment is a Musculoskeletal Assessment to gauge your fitness in terms of readiness for your sport.

Fitness Test

Fitness level

Current level of Fitness

Understand your current level of fitness

Identify Shortcomings

Find problems you may have in any muscle or bone group which might hamper your movement on the field/court and keeps you from peak performance

Muscle Problems

Benefits of Assessments


Find out any underlying injury which might get aggravated in the future


Undertake precautionary action to avoid injuries and build a resilient body for sport

Areas of Improvement

Pin-point the areas to be worked upon to achieve the required level of mobility, endurance and strength

Customised Fitness Program

One-of-its kind sports-specific and customised fitness program based on your assessment results and sport

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