Frequently Asked Questions


You know most of the high intensity sports such as football, tennis, Badminton or hockey have almost similar kinds of fitness training to a large extent. The similarity is as high as 90%. Only 10% of the exercises are specific to a particular sport. Which they achieve through this 90%. A person with this level of fitness will have good:

  1. Muscle Strength
  2. Muscle Endurance
  3. Power
  4. CV Endurance
  5. Agility
  6. Balance
  7. Stability
  8. Flexibility
  9. Overall Body Coordination and
  10. Reaction Time

This fitness level is required to start any high intensity sports irrespective of any sport they play. Similarly, to lead a fit and healthy life, a regular individual like me needs to have all these things at a decent level. Because, a fit body will help me:

  1. Remain Injury Free
  2. There is very less chances of getting lifestyle related diseases
  3. I can easily take up any sport
  4. All these things help me lead a long and healthy life
  5. Plus I would look pretty good. You know how good these sportsman look

All human body frames (musculoskeletal system) are similar and the only difference is the  way they treat their body, meaning the way you maintain their fitness.  Some of you are active in your daily life, some of you would never do any exercise or do minimal physical activity in their life.  In any case we do Assessment and compare your fitness level. Still, as the body structure and frame are similar you need similar kinds of exercises and movement to engage all the muscles and joints. So, the intensity of exercise will vary but the exercises will remain the same. For example if you are a beginner then you can get support of knees while doing  push up or as an intermediate you can do normal Pushup andl for advanced fitness level you can try variations of push up.

Further, as these are non-equipment exercises which uses body weight and gravity, the exercises can be same for everyone

A great workout should not only engage all your joints and muscles but it also engages your senses. The workout should be such that you should want to come back and do it every day. A workout which a regular sportsman does not only helps them achieve the required level of fitness but it also helps them achieve mental focus which helps them in having great concentration during pressure situations. Similarly, our workout will help you achieve your desired fitness level both physically and mentally and in turn will help you in all other aspects of your life.

Unlike other workouts, you will work on all your joints and muscles every day.

We believe that your body has all the equipment it needs to stay fit. So, except for very few exercises you won't be needing any equipment. You know, even athletes only have 8-10% of the exercises that will need equipment. Rest of the exercises are done using the body weight and gravity


The requirement for these tests came up from the need to preserve the fitness of an athlete since an athlete is an expensive Investment. Injuries to the athletes not only cause damage to them but they also cause huge financial losses to the teams and clubs. So, the idea was to come up with tests that can assess the cause of these injuries. The injuries which could be due to bad diet or bad nutrition or lack of rest or maybe due to the make-up of the player making them prone to a particular type of injury.

Regular people go on about their daily lives without feeling the need to work out because they don’t see any problems in their bodies. However, it's not that  only athletes or movie stars work out, undertaking physical fitness is about living a long and healthy life and being able to pursue physical activities with our family & kids for as long as possible. Therefore this assessment would help regular people to find out the deficiencies in their musculoskeletal system, so that they can exercise accordingly and prevent any injuries as they actively go on to pursue any activity they would like. It would also help to prevent injuries due to age related issues in people above the age of 40 such as cervical spondylitis, frozen shoulder pain, lower back pain or even knee issues.

Our Musculoskeletal system is made up of bones, muscles and joints. They all work together dynamically to produce movements such as walking, jumping or landing. To allow us to use our musculoskeletal system at its maximum efficiency and to make all the muscle groups work together effectively, we need to have the proper range of motion, proper strength and the proper functional way to move.

We designed the Musculoskeletal assessment to correct the factors which cause injuries. This assessment would help us to find out musculoskeletal deficiencies such as lack of range of motion or lack of strength in a particular muscle group in turn helping us design an efficient exercise program.