What is our Story?

As a parent you always want the best for your child.


I am also no different. My two kids are into sports, which is much to my liking I must admit. My older one likes to swim but now she is pursuing Boxing. My son is an ardent Footballer. Now that they have started going for competitions, I have understood that commanding the sports skills is only a partial determinant of sport success. Physical fitness, right Nutrition & Mental Strength play ever important (and growing) role in performance on the field.

During competitions, I observed my kids getting beaten by less skilled opponents just because of an inferior fitness level (on both the front). My son was not sprinting fast enough, and his agility was nowhere close to what it should be. My daughter always started well but would lose her position in the end due to fatigue and was not pushing herself.

Naturally, I went about looking for a fitness trainer and other experts who could help them in getting better physically as well as mentally and in turn help them improve their sports performance. Surprisingly, after a long search, all I could find were experts who were very generic- both in terms of their knowledge, and training style.

They would prescribe the same exercises/plans to children as they would do for general public! Moreover, they were not good at dealing with kids. The ones that were willing to give focused and customised attention were charging way beyond what I could realistically spend on my children.

This led to a realisation. No-one is catering to the holistic fitness requirements of aspiring athletes. These kids are relying either on the training given by their sports coaches and generic experts or they are following YouTube videos. Both of these are not producing adequate results. It keeps such athletes from actualising their full potential. Often, this leads to children dropping off from a sport they could have been amazing at- such a waste of talent.

This is what sowed the seed of Xdrona in my mind and I started with assembling a team of experts and building technology. Though Xdrona we want to give this generation of aspiring Indian athletes access to the technology backed ecosystem. You might find a Drona(coach) for your child to teach them Sport skills but Xdrona provides the X-factor it takes to be better than other athletes.

We hope to reach as many budding athletes as we can and help them in their sports Journey.

Our Mission

Xdrona is a sports development company focussed on helping aspiring athletes achieve their true potential for success in sport by providing them the tools and services they need for their improved physical and mental fitness


Olympic champions

Our Vision

To become a catalyst to produce at least 30 world and Olympic champions by 2030

Our Team

Anirudh Singh


Abdul Shaheed

Strength & Conditioning Coach


Sports Performance Psychologist

Mitali Ambekar

Sports Nutritionist

Manjot Kapoor

Sports Physiotherapist

Shorayav Bharadwaj

Head of Business Development, South India

Nishith Nair

Head of Business Development, Central India

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